Boost Your Mood and Your Health by Hiking

Hiking just might be the best way to motivate you to exercise longer and give your mood a boost!  Studies show that just being in nature can promote your health.  Being in the Green Mountains of Vermont and hiking on forest trails with beautiful lookouts and serene waterfalls can do wonders for your mind and body.

Hiking will motivate you to get a longer workout.  Let’s say you start walking and you’d like to log 3 miles for the day. You have the choice to run outside on a path that winds around a lake or head to the gym and get busy on a treadmill. Which one will give you a better, longer workout?  Most likely, the outdoor exercise.

Why? It’s so easy to hop off the treadmill and go home. Outdoors, however, you still have to get yourself back to your starting point by your own power, even if you slow down. In the end, this serves as a good mental trick you can use to help you break down your goal into smaller parts. Commit yourself to the halfway or turnaround point; once there, you can focus on finishing what you’ve begun.

Here are a few more advantages of hiking to consider:

More thorough, more efficient: Outside, even subtle changes to the terrain can help build leg and ankle muscles while you’re hiking.  In addition to getting physical exercise, studies show that just the act of being in nature will improve your long-term health outcome. 

Vitamin D: You’ve heard a lot of talk about the benefits of taking a vitamin D supplement — doing so can prevent cancer, lower the risk of osteoporosis, boost your immune system and so on. As this article from Harvard points out, it is true that Vitamin D is essential to health and it’s difficult to obtain through your food. It’s not known, however, if supplements can deliver the D goods just as well as the sun. You can get all the D your body needs for one week just by exposing your skin to the sun for 15 minutes. Of course, be sure you are slathering on plenty of sunscreen for the remainder of the time.

It’s just happier: This fact is very plain and simple: people who exercised outdoors in a natural setting came away with higher levels of satisfaction than those who had a similar workout indoors, according to a study. The outdoor exercisers also reported a greater sense of well-being and had stronger intentions to repeat the activity.

Experience for yourself the difference that exerting yourself outdoors can make in regard to your strength, endurance and state of mind. Not sure when to start?  Looking for a way to get a healthier activity in a new setting? At New Life Hiking Spa, we offer an affordable, all-inclusive package that includes three different levels of daily hikes and treks to challenge your body and renew your spirit with amazing scenery.   Plus, you get other fitness activities, healthy food and massages all included in your stay so you don’t need to think about anything else as you begin a new habit of exercising outdoors.

Make Health Your Hobby

The reason diets and New Year’s resolutions don’t work is because many people treat a healthy lifestyle as a chore. Instead, take control of your health from that center of passion and fun, and motivation will be less of a problem. Here are a few strategies and ideas to build that healthy hobby and keep the fire burning.

Cultivate what you already love to do: This is the first rule in any healthy lifestyle. If you want to boost your cardiovascular activities, but loathe running, choose an alternative that you actually enjoy and make it the centerpiece to your physical activity. If hiking, swimming or bicycling are more appealing to you, embrace it.

Invest in yourself on vacation: When viewing your vacation time through this lens, possibilities open up. You might choose a summer vacation at a health and wellness retreat such as New Life Hiking Spa, where you can immerse yourself in healthy living, with hiking, nutritious food and build new friendships with fellow travelers who also desire a healthy jump-start in their lives. On vacation getting healthy is not a chore, but more of something to look forward to. In addition to that, there’s the novelty aspect. New experiences stimulate learning, which will reinforce your new habits and give you a nice push ahead.

Be social: You already know that if you schedule a workout with a friend, you are more likely to show up and push yourself to complete a good workout. So you can see how joining a community and being around others who enjoy what you do can add a special ingredient to your healthy hobby. Whatever you want to build in your life, find a friend. Enroll in a cooking class or sign up for that hiking club!

Challenge yourself with new activities:  You can apply the concept to many healthy lifestyle activities. If your menu is getting stale, try new styles of food. Try an Indian cooking class or challenge yourself to eat a new healthy dish each day for one month.

There are so many ways to make a healthy lifestyle your hobby!  Why not start with coming to the #1 Destination Spa in the United States?  Book by July 29, 2016 and get an additional discount off our already affordable rates.

About Our Weight Loss Retreat

New Life Hiking Spa is Like Camp for Adults in the Beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont

Jimmy LeSage, M.S. had a vision and saw the opportunity to open New Life Hiking Spa for its first season in 1978. His goal was to give folks the opportunity for fresh air, exercise and wellness activities, downtime for relaxation and healthy food.  Decidedly this goal has been accomplished and all he wants now is to keep sharing it with fans old and new to New Life Hiking Spa.

Along the way accolades have been earned, awards won and stories were written about Jimmy and New Life Hiking Spa.  However, just as it was in the beginning, Jimmy is just happy when people feel better after their stay. One of his favorite sayings, ‘It’s all good’ is heartfelt and filled with intention to make it happen for each and every guest.

Jimmy and wife Kathleen now host hundreds of guests from May to September.  Committed to making a positive influence on getting back to nature, eating well, exercising and living stress-free, Jimmy is planning to keep his favorite recommendation in mind, ‘Let’s take a hike’ but also may suggest, jump in the pool, stretch out with yoga, attend a lecture, get a massage or maybe even go shopping nearby.

New Life Is Truly a Unique Vacation Experience

New Life Hiking Spa and Wellness Retreat may bring to mind oil treatments, big white fluffy robes, and cushioned slippers but that is not what you’ll find.  Sure, there are wonderful opportunities to unwind with a massage after a hike, but the experience they want to share is the luxury of the Vermont environment, the Green Mountains, the fresh air, the healthy food, and the feeling of well-being that you’ll leave with.


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