21 Night Wellness and Weight Loss Retreat Special

Rejuvenate at the #1 Affordable Wellness Retreat in the Green Mountains of Vermont

New Life Hiking Spa is offering all-inclusive, affordable, extended stay wellness retreats during the 2019 season.
New Life Hiking Spa has been hosting wellness retreats in Vermont since 1978.  New Life is the top-rated wellness retreat and destination spa in America by Travel + Leisure, Yankee Magazine, Spas of America and Health Magazine.

Imagine how wonderful you can feel after the best vacation ever. You feel invigorated from hiking, fresh air, healthy meals, massages and laughing with your new friends. In other words, you feel renewed, inside and out, and on track toward the life you want to live once you get back home.  Now imagine how incredible it would feel to experience this for a 21 night retreat!

New Life Hiking Spa is a place to get healthy in a happy, comfortable environment.  Nestled in the Green Mountains on Killington Mountain, New Life takes care of all the details for you.

The extended stay wellness retreats include:

Food: New Life prepares three delicious but healthy meals a day, made with fresh ingredients.

Hiking: After breakfast, guests will gather with fellow New Lifers and spend the rest of the morning hiking. Three levels of hiking are offered each day that will challenge guests according to fitness level: the nature walk, the classic hike, and the advanced hike.

Recreation: After hiking and healthy lunch, take a class to improve your wellness. New Life Hiking Spa offers yoga, a variety of fitness classes, outdoor games and more. 

Massage:  Enjoy a relaxing massage or other service to soothe tired muscles with our low-key and unpretentious massage therapists.  One service is included with each three-night stay.  Please note:  we are not a “day spa”, we only offer massages to guests of New Life Hiking Spa.  Additional massages are available, but you will receive 7 complimentary massages for the 21-night stay.

Friends: It’s the people who give New Life the magic touch. Experience a family atmosphere where the staff and guests are positive and encouraging.

Affordable: You pay one, all-inclusive rate.  At just $5,229 (single occupancy) for 21 nights in your own, private room with a private bath, our rates are similar to one week at other wellness retreats.

You will receive:

  • 21-night accommodations in a private room with a private bath
  • 21 expert guided hikes (three levels offered each day)
  • 63 freshly prepared meals (calorie controlled)
  • All fitness classes (hiking is in the morning, fitness classes in the afternoon)
  • 7 massages
  • Use of the 20 person outdoor hot tub, or indoor lap swimming pool.
  • Nutrition Lectures
  • Nightly Activities

The nightly price for a solo traveler for this package is $5,229.  You will receive your own private room and bathroom.  For double occupancy, the price is $4,809 per person.  Participants for double occupancy must bring their own roommate.  Amenity charge and Vermont tax are additional.

A deposit of $1,000 is required to confirm the 21 night extended stay wellness retreat.  The remaining balance is due during your stay and at check out.

Make your reservation here:  RESERVATION FOR 21 NIGHT RETREAT

Shorter stays are available during the 2019 season.  Our 2019 season dates are May 16 – September 30, 2019.

The last 21-night retreat offered during the 2019 season will be August 30 – September 19.  From May 16 – August 30, the 21-night retreat will be offered with check-in any day of the week to accommodate your schedule.

Reservations made for the 2019 season by April 10th will receive $15 off per night single occupancy and $20 off per/person per night double occupancy.

Discounted rates are:

Single occupancy = $4,808

Double occupancy = $4,284 per person


Get back to health by eating food from nature!

Nature-made food comes packed with the good stuff — vitamins, micronutrients, minerals and fiber — delivering the important nutrients that sustains life.

And then there is processed food, which contain high amounts of salt, sugar and fat. Over time, these foods alter our sense of taste, extend our waistlines and damage our cardiovascular systems. In addition to that, these packaged foods include many extra ingredients designed to enhance flavor and extend shelf life. But the health effects from these extras can range from questionable to inadvisable. Instead of nourishing our bodies, these ingredients feed our cravings and actually make us less healthy in the long run. At New Life Hiking Spa, we serve healthy, whole food, freshly prepared in our New Life kitchen by expert chefs.

Here are just a few reasons to quit your packaged-food habit:

Potassium sorbate: In a lab study, this preservative damaged DNA in human blood cells. Further investigation will be needed to determine the true risk. If you don’t want to chance it, just be aware it can be found in things you are consuming to boost your health, such as dried fruit and some dietary supplements!

Clever food engineering: Sometimes, it’s a matter of construction that can mess with our perceptions and make us want to eat more. Take the cheese puff. It is built on the principle of “vanishing caloric density.” That is, when you eat it, the air constructed into this tasty snack tricks your brain into thinking you are not getting enough calories, so it tells you to eat more.

Aspartame: For many, this artificial sweetener may serve as a green light to keep chugging soda. Yes, it does spare you from sugar’s empty calories, but studies show this stuff is actually counterproductive to weight loss. It alters the brain’s sweet receptors and prolongs sugar cravings. Researchers also found that over a decade, diet soda drinkers had a 70 percent greater increase in waist circumference than non-diet soda drinkers.

Nitrites: In October 2015, the WHO deemed processed meats such as hot dogs, bacon and lunch meat as carcinogens that raise the risk of colon cancer. While the warning did not point to any one thing, nitrites added to red meat are linked to cancer in animal studies.

Instead of filling your body with fats and mysterious chemicals that may harm you in ways we don’t yet know or understand, know what you are putting into your body. Focus on real food, whole grains, fresh lean meat and plant food that comes in natural packaging.  And, while you are working on putting what nature gave us in your body, go for a hike to experience the benefits of putting your body outside in nature!

Thinking of a way to get off the cycle of bad habits?  That’s what we are here for!  A vacation at New Life Hiking Spa will get you on that track.  It’s what we do.  Take a look at www.NewLifeHikingSpa.com or give us a call at 802-353-2954.

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